30 Days of Psalms – Praying the Word of God


Martin Luther and Dietrich Bonhoeffer each believed that reading and praying the Psalter meant reading and praying Christ’s prayer for the Church.  What better way to join in the prayer of the Church than by praying along with Christ?  We invite you to join us in reading through the Psalms for 30 days!  Our printable checklist makes it easy to keep track of where you are and what to read next.  Broken down to approximately 80 verses each day, you can read each day in as quickly as a few minutes or take longer to ponder the words.

Download 30 Days of Psalms below and check out these excerpts from Luther and Bonhoeffer about the importance of “the favorite book of all the saints”!

It is therefore easy to understand why the Book of Psalms is the favorite book of all the saints. For every man on every occasion can find in it Psalms which fit his needs, which he feels to be as appropriate as if they had been set there just for his sake. In no other book can he find words to equal them, nor better words… Place the Book of Psalms in front of you; you will see your own self in it, for here is the true “know thyself,” by which you can know yourself as well as the God who created all things.
-Martin Luther, 1528 Preface to the Psalms


Click here or on the image below to download the PDF version of Psalms: Praying the Word of God21682402_800080102360_1654830678_o

Prayer does not mean simply to pour out one’s heart.  It means rather to find the way to God and to speak with him, whether the heart is full or empty.  No man can do that by himself.  For that he needs Jesus Christ…When our will wholeheartedly enters into the prayer of Christ, then we pray correctly.  Only in Jesus Christ are we able to pray, and with him we also know that we shall be heard…

God’s speech in Jesus Christ meets us in the Holy Scriptures.  If we wish to pray with confidence and gladness, then the words of Holy Scripture will have to be the solid basis of our prayer.  For here we know that Jesus Christ, the Word of God, teaches us to pray.  The words which come from God become, then, the steps on which we find our way to God…

The Psalms are given to us to this end, that we may learn to pray them in the name of Jesus Christ.
-Dietrich Bonheoffer, Psalms: The Prayerbook of the Bible

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